Build An AI Image App

Learn how to build an AI image generator web app with no code.

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About the course

After taking the course, you’ll have all the skills you need to launch your own AI image generator web app.

Course Details

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 4-6 Hours

Lessons: 30+ Lessons

Access from any computer, table or mobile


You will learn how to create an AI Wallpaper Generator with No Code. You can make a clone of it or develop your own idea using the same building blocks.


Database Design: Learn how to build a relational database in Airtable with zero code. It's as easy as creating a few spreadsheets.

Web App Development: Gain a thorough understanding of how to build a CRUD (create, read, update, delete) web app in Softr.

No Code Automation: Master the ability to automate tasks on the web with Zapier. Let robots manage repetitive services.

AI Image Creation: Develop expertise on how to use AI to programmatically generate custom images from user prompts.

Product Theory: Gain skills in product management and development to stitch together multiple no code tools into an application.

Design Theory: Learn the fundamentals of design theory for digital products and services. From UI design to UX to graphic design.


Softr, Zapier, Leap AI, Airtable


Section 1: Database

Lesson 1: Airtable Overview

Lesson 2: Building the Users Table

Lesson 3: Building the Requests Table

Section 2: AI Image Generation

Lesson 1: Leap AI Overview

Lesson 2: AI Image Prompts

Lesson 3: Zapier Overview

Lesson 4: Building the Zap: Webhook Trigger

Lesson 5: Building the Zap: Image Generation

Lesson 6: Building the Zap: Image Retrieval

Lesson 7: Building the Zap: Image Storage

Section 3: User Interface

Lesson 1: Softr Overview

Lesson 2: Setting Up Softr

Lesson 3: Users & User Groups

Lesson 4: Building the Projects Page Form

Lesson 5: Connecting the Form to Zapier

Lesson 6: Building the Projects Page List

Lesson 7: Building the Images Page

Lesson 8: Updating the Nav Bars

Lesson 9: User Authentication

Lesson 10: Sign Up & Sign In Flows

Lesson 11: Setting Up the Homepage

Lesson 12: Additional Softr Settings


5/5 Stars

Truly awesome learning experience. Thanks a bunch!

-Andrew, Current Student


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