Automate work with AI & no code

A live, 5-week cohort-based course to turn strategy and operations people into automation experts with AI and No Code.


What is No Code?

No Code enables non-technical people to build applications, automate workflows, and develop web platforms using graphical interfaces, AI and tool configuration instead of writing code.

This democratizes software development, making it accessible to a broader audience, speeding up the development process, and reducing the reliance on specialized software development skills.

Our cohort course covers the essentials

5 weeks. 4 topics. 3 tools. Starting at $497.

After taking our live cohort course, you’ll have all the skills you need to automate any business and build internal tools.

Data Architecture

Learn how to construct a No Code database using Airtable. It’s as easy as making a spreadsheet.

Interface Design

Gain an understanding of how to build user interfaces for internal tools with Airtable.

AI Scaling

Develop expertise on how to scale processes with OpenAI. No more code, just plain English.

No Code Automation

Master the ability to automate tasks on the web with Zapier. Let robots manage repetitive services.

Course Curriculum

Our next cohort starts Monday, April 1 at 5pm PT with a 1-hour introduction class to get ready for the course and meet your instructor and fellow students.

From there, we’ll do live 1-hour lectures with hands-on exercises on Monday April 8, 15, 22, 29 at 5 PM PT.

During the course, you'll have direct access to your instructor for questions and homework submissions.

You'll also get 24/7 access to a growing community of other students and pre-recorded content, where you can ask questions, share progress, network & extend your skills.

April 1 - April 29

Meet the Instructor

Hey, there! I'm Garrett. Founder and lead instructor at No Code Camp. I've developed many digital products that have scaled to thousands of users, started a no code consulting practice & spent several years automating processes at companies like Twitter and BuzzFeed — all without ever knowing how to code.

+ + +

No code solutions have democratized digital development, allowing anyone to quickly launch and run a startup, automate operations, or manage a service business. And now, with AI, this is even easier and more powerful than ever before.

+ + +

At No Code Camp, we offer our signature cohort course, community, coaching, and on-demand content to help you go from 0-1 with No Code, or if you're a seasoned builder, further extend your skills and knowledge.

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I'm excited to see what you build after joining No Code Camp. See you in class!


Founder, No Code Camp

Linkedin | Twitter | Website


Why people love us

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I was able to make a living through the skills I gained. Thank you!



I am SO excited with what I just learnt, so many ideas popping up. Thank you for making me discover this GEM.



All of the courses are very practical and to the point. Highly suggest!



Awesome AI Web App course! Easy steps, super fun. Get building micro-apps now! Highly recommend!



All of the courses I've taken have been great. Zero fluff and all value.



Your ability to make such sophisticated content digestible has been incredibly helpful for me.



The classes are concise and easy to follow.Truly awesome learning experience!



Super digestible content. Also, great interface for the course hosting. Thank you!




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