Build A Landing Page

Learn how to build a modern, responsive landing page with Typedream.

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About the course

After taking the course, you’ll have all the skills you need to design and launch your own landing pages.

Course Details

Level: Beginner

Duration: 2-3 Hours

Lessons: 20+ Lessons

Access from any computer, table or mobile


You will learn how to create a modern, responsive landing page for a To Do List app. You can make a clone of it or develop your own idea using the same building blocks.


Web Design: Learn how to build a professional-looking landing page with Typedream. It’s as easy as writing in a document.

Graphic Design: Learn about some of the best image, illustration and icon tools to take your design to the next level.

Design Theory: Learn the fundamentals of design theory for web design, from information architecture to UI/UX and more.


Typedream, Blush, Pexels, Coolors


Section 1: Home Page

Lesson 1: Setting Up The Workspace

Lesson 2: Hero Section

Lesson 3: Features Section

Lesson 4: Email Capture Section

Lesson 5: Testimonials Section

Lesson 6: Pricing Section

Lesson 7: FAQ Section

Lesson 8: Call To Action Section

Lesson 9: Footer

Lesson 10: Navbar

Section 2: Design & Customization

Lesson 1: Landing Page Holistic Review

Lesson 2: Previewing The Landing Page

Lesson 3: Adding Animations

Lesson 4: Brand Colors

Lesson 5: Custom Images, Illustrations & Icons

Section 3: Additional Pages & Settings

Lesson 1: Page Settings

Lesson 2: About Page

Lesson 3: Email Capture Page

Lesson 4: Blog Page

Lesson 5: Site Wide Settings

Lesson 6: Capturing Testimonials


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