Automate Tasks With Zapier

Learn how to automate form workflows, manage social media accounts and build AI text generators with Zapier.

About the course

After taking the course, you’ll have all the skills you need to automate tasks and workflows with Zapier.

Course Details

Level: Beginner

Duration: 2-3 Hours

Lessons: 20+ Lessons

Access from any computer, table or mobile


You will learn how to build a form submission automation, an AI recipe maker automation, and an automated Instagram alert system, as well as


Zapier Zaps: Learn how to create single and multi-step Zaps across a range of applications.

Zapier Built In Tools: Learn how to use internal Zap tools like the Scheduler, Formatter and Filter.

Zap History: Learn how to troubleshoot and re-run your Zaps with the Zap History feature.

Automations: Learn how to create automations for over five different third-party applications.


Zapier, Tally, OpenAI, Google Sheets, Gmail


Section 1: Introduction

Lesson 1: Why Automate?

Lesson 2: How This Course Works

Lesson 3: Zapier Overview

Lesson 4: What We'll Build

Section 2: Form Automation

Lesson 1: Tally Overview

Lesson 2: Create Tally Form

Lesson 3: Zap Trigger: Tally Form

Lesson 4: Zap Step: Send Email

Lesson 5: Testing Our Zap

Lesson 6: Email Limitations

Section 3: AI Generation

Lesson 1: OpenAI Overview

Lesson 2: Create Tally Form

Lesson 3: Zap Trigger: Tally Form

Lesson 4: Zap Step: AI Generation Pt. 1

Lesson 5: Zap Step: AI Generation Pt. 2

Lesson 6: Zap Step: Store In Database

Section 4: Social Media Management

Lesson 1: Social Media Management Overview

Lesson 2: Zap Trigger: Instagram Post

Lesson 3: Zap Step: Send Email

Section 5: Zapier Built In Functions

Lesson 1: Built In Functions Overview

Lesson 2: Scheduler

Lesson 3: Filter

Lesson 4: Formatter


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